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    Carpagiani soft ice cream is always fresh and creamy, because it is instantaneously and expressly produced for each single consumption. The machines are practical, fast and reliable; fit for every business practice, as well as for crowded and fast-moving locations like beaches, discos and fast food restaurants. In the Production of Gelato Soft, the UHT mixes, produced with semi-finished mixes or fresh pasteurized ingredients, are poured into the top refrigerated units. By simply lowering the lever, the machine distributes soft swirls of ice cream while a new quantity of mix contemporaneously passes from the bins into the cylinders, ready to be transformed into ice cream.

    Carpigiani offers both counter and floor soft machines, for an easy positioning. The counter machines have rear support feet so that the machine can be placed even in tight back spaces; the floor machines are equipped with wheels and a break for easy moving and safe positioning.

    The Miss Yoghurt is the top-selling machine for the production of this particular ice cream. Distinguished by its innovative, fresh and colorful design, in this model, mix is fed to the cylinder by means of a pump, for continuous dispensing of soft and light yogurt. It is therefore the ideal machine for busy outlets where fast and continuous production is required.

    The Rainbow machines are technologically advanced, floor-standing machines specifically designed by Carpigiani for the production of the fascinating ripple style which has proved so popular. To produce a beautiful rippled ice cream (e.g. strawberry), simply press the corresponding flavor selection button on the control panel and lower the handle. The dispensed ice cream is instantly rippled with one of three syrup concentrates in either fruit or cream flavors, which are held in containers housed in the lower part of the machine.

    Export units are floor-standing soft serve dispensers with top-class features and functions. Fitted with three spigots, they can supply large quantities of ice cream. The famous Carpigiani pumps ensure a high overrun ice cream. The exclusive patented Hard-O-Matic system guarantees that the consistency is always just right, regardless of the kind of mix used. Available in water-cooled or air-cooled versions, these wheel-mounted machines can be located and shifted easily to the most convenient spot.

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