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    Unlike a gas burner or electrical stove, the induction cooktop is 100% incapable of producing heat on its own; only until a magnetic pan is placed on top of it does it generate a magnetic field that excites the magnetic molecules in the pan. The result? Instant, precise and very controllable heat.

    The Electrolux 800-Thermaline of cooking equipment is designed for heavy duty use where space is at a premium. The series consist of a wide choice of modular elements that can be installed as individual, free-standing units or assembled into a complete cooking suite made virtually seamless by means of cleverly-designed connecting rails. Models are available for operation from one side only or from both sides to suit a central cooking island.

    The Electrolux Libero Line offers a complete package of plug-in appliances suitable for every food service location to cook, fry, grill and chill all kinds of dishes in a quick and easy way. In a very compact space with this versatile induction cook top you can start cooking perfect fresh cooked or pan fried dishes.

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