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    At Premier Catering we have a side selection of Vacuum Sealing Machines supplied through Orved, they can be the more compact out of chamber models or if you are needing to vacuum seal larger quantities or seal liquids then the chamber models are what you require.

    The Eco-Vac Domestic (VME001), Vacuum Sealer Domestic (VMB002) and Fast Vac (VMF001) are all out of chamber models that can only be used with channel bags, all have a filter for pump protectyion and none are suitable for liquids. The VMD & VMF have the auto sealing function and the Fast Vac (VMF) has a full stainless steel body.

    The Chamber models are all commercial size vacuum sealers with varying chamber sizes, pump capacities, optional sloping shelf for liquids and some models have an optional gas flush as an extra. All models have one or two sealing bars as standard. The VM18, VM53, VM20, VM12 and Multiple 315 are the chamber models pictured.

    Click on the logos at the top of the page for brochures on some of the models featured on this page.


    VBP1422 140 x 220mm

    VBP1823 180 x 230mm

    VBP2025 200 x 250mm

    VBP2030 200 x 300mm

    VBP2535 250 x 350mm up to 1.5lt

    VBP3045 300 x 450mm up to 4.0lt

    VBP4060 400 x 600mm up to 6.0lt


    VBC1623 160 x 230mm

    VBC1530 150 x 300mm

    VBC2025 200 x 250mm

    VBC2030 200 x 300mm

    VBC2535 250 x 350mm

    VBC2545 250 x 450mm

    VBC3040 300 x 400mm

    All bags come in packs of 100.

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