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The exceptional quality of Convotherm combi steamers comes from 30 years experience in designing and building professional kitchen appliances.

All appliances in the new OS and OB series are equipped with many additional and practical features. The unique disappearing door and patented advanced closed system are standard with all OS and OB series combi steamers.

The exceptional capabilities of these combi steamers come from decades of careful research and development, both in high-tech production facilities and within the heat and pressure of some of the world's most demanding kitchens. In this time Convotherm have forged strong relationships with chefs, nutritionist, planners, engineers and other important industry specialists in over fifty countries. It is their incredible knowledge and experience that has enabled Convotherm to continue to enhance how we assist our clients.

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Blue Seal S Line

With a variety of capacity options and exciting new functionality it delivers speed, reliability and everyday value. That's why the new range show the way and why the S Line is the right option for hundreds of cafes, bistros and restaurants.

Power, function, reliability. The new S Line combination steamers unite these strengths to deliver an exceptional performance in the most demanding of cooking environments. S Line also offers a carefully developed line-up, with different capacity models and a list of features to suit a diverse selection of individual cooking applications.

Cleaning duties can drain valuable resources from the modern kitchen. That's why the S Line has some standard cleaning features that enable businesses to maintain high standards without adding extra effort.

The S Line also features a bi-directional fan with two-speed options to allow complete control and a core temperature probe to end guesswork.

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Manufacturing ovens since 1950, Electrolux Professional has long been considered a world market leader, of which, for over 30 years, has been offering the most precise and innovative system for controlling moisture in combination cooking.

air-o-steam Touchline inaugurates the new era of combi-ovens, thanks to the super-innovative technology which guarantees extreme simplicity in managing preparation processes. An instrument among the most complete and intuitive, proven ideal for the catering industry's every need. Perfect in the hands of the most creative and professional Chefs, but also in those of fast food or catering/banqueting cooks. One single touch on the high-definition touch-screen is all it takes to manage an incredible world of functions, cooking modes, temperatures and time settings, all simplified into user-friendly icons and images.

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Houno manufacture amongst the world's most reliable and efficient combi ovens in gas and electric models. They produce many ranges; we offer the C Line and C.PE Line.

All Houno combi ovens except roll in rack models are the only units on the market that feature an "in the field" reversible door, i.e. the door can be swapped at any time from right to left hand opening and vice versa. Houno combi ovens have a hands free close function. Houno combi ovens have a two stage door opening function.

Houno C Line combi steamers come standard with a semi automatic cleaning system. You can also get an optional 4 program fully automatic cleaning system. The cleaning system is standard on the CPE fully programmable units.

With the unique pass through door option, Houno ovens can be placed in the middle of a shop or kitchen and separate cooking and serving. This means improved HACCP with the separation of raw and cooked product as well as improved safety with no need to carry hot trays through the shop or kitchen. It also improves workflow, especially where space is a problem.

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