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The 800 series of Oven Ranges offers a number of gas & electric options designed to meet the varying demands of commercial kitchens. Standard in both the gas and electric ranges is a heavy duty 304 grade stainless steel finish, heavy duty reinforced control knobs, fully welded and vitreous enamelled oven liner and a cool touch stainless steel door handle. The added options of gas or electric and static or convection oven and numerous different cook top options, just to name a few, are also available.

With patented 28MJ open cook top gas burners and heavy-duty 2.4kW radiant elements in the electric range, Waldorf has taken performance to a new level.

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The new XP cooking range from Electrolux has every aspect of any kitchen covered.

The gas convection oven is unique in that it provides the opportunity to work as a static oven with the flick of a switch, allowing complete versatility and ideal conditions for obtaining the best results for all types of preparation. The internal cooking chamber is black enamelled steel maximizing cooking efficiency. Gas or electric static ovens are also available.

The exclusive 'flower flame' burners adapt to the diameter of the pan bottom providing maximum coverage, meaning one burner for all your needs. Heavy duty cast iron grids with extra long trivets allow the smallest of pots be placed safely on top and raised burners protect against spillage.

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Blue Seal

Whatever the scale of operation, Blue Seal Evolution Series Oven Ranges have a gas or electric option to suit.

Gas options come equipped with our 28MJ open cook top burners, while the electric versions offer a choice of heavy-duty 2.4kW radiant elements, or 2kW solid plates.

Within the oven itself, cast iron sole plates ensure even heat distribution. Heavy-duty motors and circulation fans in the convection ovens reduce cooking times and enable food to be cooked at lower temperatures.

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The centre piece of any kitchen, the oven range needs to be the workhorse. The Cobra Oven Range has generous gastronorm capacity, with standard 2/1 GN or two 1/1 GN pans on each rack. The high crown height means the oven can consistently deliver the volume required in small and medium sized eateries.

The optional hob variations allow for a configuration to suit your specific needs and the cast iron burners are removable for quick cleaning. Pot stands, oven liners and the steel oven base tray are all fully vitreous enamelled, allowing for a ready-to-go, easy-to-use oven.

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Gas Static Oven Range is engineered to be functional, dependable, and easy to use, making it an essential component in the overall performance of your kitchen. It is available in a variety of different configurations - from standard open burner models, to combinations including grills and barbecues.

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The heavy-duty static and convection oven ranges from Cookon allows the choice of; all open burner, all griddle, flame failure and a combination of both on top allowing complete versatility for your kitchen.

With all stainless steel external panels, heavy duty cantilever drop down door, chrome oven shelves & side racks and a large sized oven as standard visit the Cookon website,, to find out more.

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