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Cyber Chill Glass door

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Product details

Refrigeration system: Electronic controlled, self-contained, top mounted, refrigeration unit
Refrigerant: R134a
Cabinet Classes: 3M1, 4M1, 5M1
Energy Consumption: 4.50 kWh/24h
Cabinet internal volume: 550 litres
Insulation: 50mm thick, high density 0 ODP injected polyurethane insulation
Cabinet temperature range: +1°C to +4°C up to 43°C ambient
Drainage: Waste Heat Vaporiser located in service comp. (no plumbing required)
Electrical: 240 Volts a.c. 50 Hz, 2.80 Amps
kWh/24 hr :
Door: 1 x Self-closing, LowE, triple glazed (safety glass) swing door
Lighting LED automatic & with manual switch
Shelves: 10 x PVC coated wire shelves
Refrigeration: Removable ‘CyberZone’ refrigeration cassette
Weight: 155 kg
Lightbox: Optional replacement LED top-mounted lightbox (400mm)
External Internal
Width: 740mm 640mm
Depth: 700mm 610mm
Height: 2010mm 1445mm
Floor area: 0.52m2
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