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Robot Coupe Food Processors

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Robot Coupe invented the food processor in 1960, they have the largest and most extensive range of food processing machines of any manufacturer in the world and have sold over 100 000 machines in Australia. They provide spare parts and service support for machines that were manufactured and sold over 30 years ago. Robot Coupe machines have the longest lasting motors of any commercial food processors. They use induction motors which are brushless motors and means as long as the bearings and controls are funtioning the motor will always work at its peak performance.

In the Robot Coupe range the Blixer combines the features of two well known appliances the cutter and the blender/mixer. Simplified preparing of mixed or semi liquid meals and is ideal for preparing dry and wet foods for tube feeding. Suitable for sauces, mousses, butter mixtures, grinding, food test, pharma/chemical labs. The Combination Processors are 2 Machines in 1 - these food processors can do it all, the exchangeable cutter bowl and vegetable preparation attachment on the same motor base make it the most versatile food processor of the Robot-Coupe range. The Cutter-Mixers are designed to for all types of chopping, fine stuffing, mousses, grinding and kneading producing perfect results every time. Meanwhile the floor standing Vertical Cutter Mixers (VCMs) are unique high speed and versatile food mixers with two speeds (1500 & 3000rpm) and pulse for perfect processing control. Process from 300g to 33kg with a time from one to fifteen minutes depending on the type of food.
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