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Washtech GL and UL Premium Glass Washer and Dishwasher

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The Washtech GL Premium Glass Washer and Light Duty Dishwasher has all the features of the GM model plus ergonomically positioned upper controls featuring our unique one touch system. At the touch of a single button the operator can choose the appropriate cycle - a three minute cycle suitable for coffee cups and lightly soiled dishes, up to a one minute cycle when glasses are required urgently. It has an 1000 glass per hour capacity / 50 racks of dishes, one, two or three minute complete cycles - suitable for coffee cups, saucers and lightly soiled dishes. The GL is gentle on the environment, a 2 litre per cycle water consumption keeps water, waste energy and chemical costs down. Big 290mm door clearance for tall specialty glasses, jugs & carafes, accepts all racks up to 435mm square, precision detergent injection pump fitted standard. Compact design only 560 bench depth required, 500 wide, 830 tall (plus 30mm leg adjustment) and easy installation, waste discharge 250 off floor with standard 150 legs.
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