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Kitchen Utensil Pack

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Product details

Pack includes
2x 360ml clear squeeze bottles, 4x 750ml Squeeze Bottles (varies colours) 1x 6pc Chopping board Set, 7 day rotation labels, 1x bowl set - 2.2lts, 4.2ltr, 6ltr & 10.5ltrs, 1x 5ltr colander, 2x voucher spikes, 1x griddle scraper, 1x pastry brush, 1x digital timer, 1x temp starter kit, 1x 7pc victroinox knife set, 1x ss funnel, 1x can opener, 2x butter spreaders, 1x s/w cutting gaurd, 1x aluminium meat hammer, 1x cheese shaker, 1x salt shaker, 1x 400mm spatular, 1x 250mm spatular, 2x wooden spoons, 2x 300mm tongs, 2x 400mm Tongs, 1x Whisk, 1x 200mm strainer, 1x 300mm potato masher, 1x box grater, 2x 325mm basting spoons (solid & perf), 2x 275mm basting spoons (solid & Perf)
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