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Washtech M2 Professional Passthrough Dishwasher

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700W X 765D X 1525H

Product details

The M2 Professional Passthrough Dishwasher leads the market in Australasia because it's the perfect choice for most busy restaurants. With a massive 430mm door clearance the M2 washes large plates and platters rapidly in 500mm dishracks. Triple cycle selection - one, two and three minutes, and rapid reheat delivers up to 55 racks per hour. The M2 can be installed in-line or in the corner. 1000 plates per hour capacity, no waiting between cycles with 25 amp heating - can be reduced to 15 amps if preferred, or connected to 3 phase 5 wire. Small 2.6 litre per cycle water consumption, 750 mm bench recommended, 700 possible for in-line installation and easy installation with waste discharge point 430 off floor.
M2C also Available - The M2C is fitted with a Heat Recovery
Condensor which uses exhaust air to heat incoming water – washes up to 1000 plates per hour on cold water supply.
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