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Euroquip Benchtop Conveyor Pizza Oven

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Product details

The T64E is a cutting edge countertop conveyor oven that unites the best baking processes and conservative energy consumption within a small working space. The T64E introduces new solutions such as the stand-by and the smart belt which allow to have discontinuous baking process or with the double passage on the belt, particularly useful in small spaces.

The serieT range by Moretti Professional represents a new generation of multifunction conveyor ovens. With this range Morretti achieve two primary goals: an uncompromised cooking quality and the lowest external temperature in its category.
The technology used on the new serieT is the most refined available on the market today. Starting with the cold external surfaces thanks to the exclusive patented Cool-Around®Technology, Dual-Temp®Technology which allows the user to adjust both top and bottom temperatures inside the same chamber, to find the best cooking calibration quickly. Also, the Adaptive-Power®Technology gives the user proportional power control for escalated efficiency and lowered energy consumption.
Extreme ease of use, guaranteed result: the electric tunnel ovens of the conveyor range, cooking is no more a problem. Just set the time and the two top and bottom temperatures: the oven will do the rest, thanks to the exclusive double heat control inside the cooking chamber.
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