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Washtech PW1 High Performance Potwasher

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680W X 765D X 1850H

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PW1 High Performance Potwasher washes a wide range of bins, dixies, utensils, baking trays and bowls - typically up to 80 litres, with a wash compartment 565 wide by 595 deep by 750mm high. And there's a rail for hanging whisks, ladles etc. Operator may select 2, 4 or 6 minute cycles for rapid washing of a wide range of soil levels. Regardless of cycle time the high temperature sanitizing rinse uses less than 3 litres of water per cycle to ensure highly efficient operation, minimising water, waste, power and chemical cost. The powerful wash action of the 1.5 kW wash pump recirculates 800 litres of water per minute through double upper and lower wash arms for exceptional wash performance, double filtration in the deep L shape wash tank isolates solid soil easily and the machine has easily removable scrap trays. No waiting between cycles with powerful rinse booster elements, has a counterbalanced insulated two piece door with safety stop switch. Easy to keep clean with fastclean rounded wash tank, uncluttered internal design, double filtration, scrap trays, and all stainless wash and rinse arms with removable end plugs. Electrical requirement for the new series 3 PW1 is 15 amps per phase, 3 phase, neutral and earth.


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