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With innovation and top performance in mind, TurboChef has redefined cooking efficiency in a line of rapid-cook ovens that are versatile, user-friendly, and save energy. TurboChef ovens cook faster and produce consistent results without compromising quality.

The technology behind Turbochef's speed cook ovens uses a patented combination of high-speed forced air impingement heating and microwave energy to cook food up to 10 times faster than conventional methods. At very high speeds of circulation, a controlled, smoothly-flowing field of hot air forms a shroud around the food. This takes place in conjunction with precisely measured bursts of microwave energy, creating a unique set of temperature and moisture controlled conditions within the food that preserve and enhance flavour.

The top-launched microwave system and large cavity size allow for the use of most standard metal pans in many of the models.

There are a number of models available:
- The Sota the smallest most energy-efficient package is perfect for coffee shops, cafés, bistros and bars
- The i5 & i3 maximise throughput and versatility and are suitable for restaurants, hospital foodservice and bakeries.
- The High h Batch 2 rapidly bakes, specializing in raw-dough foods
- HhC 2020 conveyor oven has more throughput compared to its larger equivalents, and hence also uses less space.

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