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Robot Coupe Vegetable Prep Machine

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Robot Coupe range from the CL30 through to the CL60 and CL60 V.V. vegetable preparation machines that provide a range automatic feed and push-feed machines from small to large scale food preparation. There are a series of feed attachments available for the larger machines, the automatic feeder for volume processing and cut quality, this feed-head is ideal for slicing delicate vegetables. The pusher-feed head can also be fitted to the larger models and has been designed for bulky vegetable cutting like lettuce or cabbage. The pusher head has different tube attachments designed for when slicing long or fragile fruit and vegetables. There are also optional stands and trolleys available that leave the machines at the optimum operating height and efficiency. There are also a wide selection of cutting discs for slicing, julienne, ripple cut, french fries, grater and fine and coarse dice.

All parts that are in contact with food are made from stainless steel for hygiene and ease of cleaning and the whole machine can be easily dismantled for perfect safe cleaning. Their compact construction, handles and wheels make for ease of movement and storage. The vegetable preparation machines also have inbuilt safety features to ensure no contact with moving parts is possible during operation. The CL55 & CL60 have two operating speeds while the CL60 V.V. has variable operating speed which allows a more accuarte cut quality with a speed range between 100 and 1000rpm. Consequently, a very precise speed can be selected according to the type of cut and texture of the fruit or vegetable to be processed.
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