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Premier Catering Equipment Trading Terms & Conditions
1. General
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all contracts for the supply of goods and service by Premier Catering Equipment to the Customer.
1.2 Premier Catering Equipment is prepared to supply goods and service only upon these Trading Terms and Conditions.
1.3 All orders placed by the Customer holding credit accounts and nonaccount holders shall be subject to these Trading Terms and Conditions.
1.4 Any amendment of these Trading Terms and Conditions by the Customer shall have no effect unless agreed to in writing by Premier Catering Equipment.
1.5 Premier Catering Equipment may amend these Trading Terms and Conditions at any time? any amendments will apply following notification to the Customer.
1.6 These Trading Terms and Conditions replace any previous Trading Terms and Conditions

2. Pricing & Quotations
2.1 All prices quoted include GST unless stated otherwise.
2.2 All prices are subject to change without notice.
2.3 Prices do not include freight or delivery unless stated in writing otherwise.
2.4 All prices included in any quotation apply only to that quotation and do not apply to any other quotations.
2.5 All goods will be invoiced with prices in effect at the requested date of delivery.
2.6 All quotations are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.

3. Ordering & Terms of Payment
3.1 Premier Catering Equipment requires all orders to be placed by written official purchase order.
3.2 Purchase orders must be made out to Premier Catering Equipment and clearly state the following? a) product/s required, this will also need to include product code b) quantity required c) any special conditions d) required delivery date, means of delivery, nominated carrier/transport company and account number.
3.3 Discrepancies to the order should be immediately addressed and notified to Premier Catering Equipment. Should the Customer not notify Premier Catering Equipment of any discrepancies then the order will be processed according to the conditions of the order confirmation. Failure in notifying Premier Catering Equipment of any discrepancies to the order will void the right to claim credit or alter conditions for the items ordered at a later date.
3.4 Orders will be processed as soon as possible. Premier Catering Equipment does not guarantee delivery times and cannot make any assurance that quoted delivery times can be met.
3.5 Customers holding credit accounts will have their purchase order processed under their credit account, this is subject to their credit account still being open and within their credit terms 30 days from invoice date. 3.6 Customers not holding a credit account with Premier Catering Equipment will be required to pay in full for the goods on a cash before delivery basis.         

4. Unpaid accounts
4.1 In any event that the Customer has not met their terms of payment under their credit account and payment for any invoice has not been received within 30 days from invoice date, Premier Catering Equipment reserves the right to? a) Immediately cease any extension of credit b) Refuse to dispatch any goods the Customer has on order c) Refuse to hold any goods the Customer has on order d) Refuse to accept further orders e) Charge the Customer applicable interest on overdue amounts, said interest is to be charged daily on the balance outstanding, accrued from the last date of payment of each account. f) Charge the Customer all administrative and other costs incurred by Premier Catering Equipment in relation to recovering any outstanding amounts owed by the Customer.
4.2 Should payment for goods supplied to the Customer not be received by the due date specified by Premier Catering Equipment, then the Customer must return the goods to Premier Catering Equipment upon Premier Catering Equipments demand. Should the customer not adhere to this demand within 48 hours of receiving this demand, then Premier Catering Equipment shall be entitled to enter THE Customer's and/or the end user's premises at any time to recover the goods. The Customer shall be liable for all costs incurred by Premier Catering Equipment associated with this exercise of its rights, which shall be repayable, by the Customer to Premier Catering Equipment immediately upon demand.

5. Delivery
5.1 Premier Catering Equipment quotes include cost of freight for equipment to Cairns showroom, 127 Anderson St, Manunda.
5.2 Should local delivery be required this can be organised with Premier Catering Equipment for an extra charge borne by the Customer for which the Customer will be invoiced, this will only be to ground level, kerbside, dock or goods receiving area.
5.3 Should carnage or tailgate be required; the Customer will need to specify this on the purchase order.
5.4 For deliveries outside Cairns all transport will be at the Customer's cost on the Customer's nominated transport.
5.5 Premier Catering Equipment reserves the right not to agree to sitedirect to the Customer for any reason as it sees fit.
5.6 It is not the responsibility of Premier Catering Equipment to unload the product. The Customer must provide labour and equipment to unload and position the goods on site at their own expense
5.7 The purchase price of goods or delivery fees does not include the following? a) unpacking, placement or positioning of equipment b) removal of rubbish and/or packing and/or crates c) connection to services
5.8 Insurance for goods in transit is not included in the purchase price. If the Customer requires insurance the Customer must arrange this direct with their insurance agent or transport company at the Customer's own cost.
5.9 Delivery times cannot be guaranteed.
5.10 If the Customer fails to take delivery of goods for whatever reason, additional charges applicable to that of transport company fees will be charged to the Customer for each failed delivery.
5.11 The Customer must inspect the goods immediately after their delivery or collection. If the goods are found to be damaged, supplied short, undelivered, defective or do not conform, the Customer must give written notification to Premier Catering Equipment within 7 days of the delivery or collection date. Failure to provide notification with in 7 days will void any further claims.
5.12 If the Customer makes any claim for goods in pursuance of clause 5.11, then a resolution shall be negotiated between Premier Catering Equipment and the Customer.

6. Returned Goods
6.1 No goods will be accepted for return by Premier Catering Equipment unless a written request is made by the Customer. This request may be accepted or refused by Premier Catering Equipment in its sole discretion and right.
6.2 In the case that goods have been accepted for return by Premier Catering Equipment then the goods must be returned in their original state and condition that they were delivered or collected.
6.3 All portable goods must be returned to Premier Catering Equipment at the Customer's own cost. Any goods returned to Premier Catering Equipment shall be at the Customer's own risk as to loss or damage.
6.4 Nongoods must be lift in the state in which they were delivered until such time that the goods have been inspected by Premier Catering Equipment or it's authorised agent after written notification by the Customer. If goods are not left in their original state in which they were delivered then the Customer shall have deemed to accept the goods and shall be liable for payment of purchase of the goods.
6.5 Claims for incorrectly sent goods must be left in their original state, notified to Premier Catering Equipment in writing and will be credited in full.

7. Warranty
7.1 Premier Catering Equipment does not offer any warranty on new or used equipment.
7.2 Warranty services and repairs are the responsibility of the manufacturer of the equipment.
7.3 All manuals, invoices and relevant information should be kept by the Customer for reference in case of warranty.
7.4 Used equipment will be tested and tagged by a licensed electrician before sale any used items are purchased at the Customer's own risk and carry no warranty.

8. Advanced and Held Orders
8.1 Premier Catering Equipment cannot guarantee to hold stock of advanced orders for longer than two weeks from the purchase order date. Should the Customer choose to delay delivery for whatever reason, the Customer must notify Premier Catering Equipment in wiring.
8.2 Premier Catering Equipment reserves the right to reallocate stock to other orders as it sees fit.
8.3 Orders that have been placed in advance, Premier Catering Equipment will attempt if possible, to meet the Customer's requested delivery date, however, cannot guarantee the requested delivery date.

9. Cancellations
The consumer guarantees do not apply if you got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it.
Premier Catering do not offer Change of Mind Return & Refund policy on ordered in items, Depending on the goods a restocking fee will be applied to cancelled orders.
9.1 Any cancelled orders must be notified to Premier Catering Equipment in writing
9.2 For orders cancelled after the goods have been dispatched from any of our warehouses will incur a restocking fee.
9.3 For orders cancelled the Customer must pay for the return freight to our store.

10. Title & Risk
10.1 The Customer shall assume all risks and responsibility in all goods supplied by Premier Catering Equipment upon their collection by or delivery to the Customer.
10.2 The Customer acknowledges that Premier Catering Equipment shall retain legal ownership of all goods supplied and that ownership of the goods will not pass on to the Customer until the Customer, as fiduciary holder of the goods, makes payment in full of all moneys owing to Premier Catering Equipment.
10.3 The Customer irrevocably grants to Premier Catering Equipment, its agents and servants and unrestricted right and licence to enter, without notice, premises occupied by the Customer to identify and remove any goods that are the property of Premier Catering Equipment.
10.4 Premier Catering Equipment has the right to sell or dispose of any goods removed from the Customer's premises in respect to Clause 10.3
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