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Glass Washers

Meet the latest G-series commercial glasswashers from Washtech. They embody the very latest technical innovations from Australasia's largest manufacturer of commercial glass and dishwashing systems. They're highly effective in meeting the strictest regulatory hygiene requirements. And because they're remarkably economical in operation, they help smart operators to clean up in other ways. Meet the latest G-series with four models to choose from. The latest recirculating technology brings savings, regardless of the length of the total cycle time the GM and GL models use only 2.5 litres of water per cycle versus 7 litres for non-recirculating washers.You save on water, power and detergent. In a busy operation the extra premium you pay for a recirculating machine may be repaid in 3 months.

Undercounter Dishwashers

With features like double filtration, stainless steel arms, insulated door and tall door clearance, Washtech UD and GLV models have an autodrain facility and unique upper one touch cycle control. Washtech U-Series undercounter dishwashers are compact, fast, economical and highly effective in meeting the strictest regulatory hygiene requirements. Nobody else offers you so much precision engineered dishwashing options carefully tailored to your needs.

Pass-through Dishwashers

Washtech Pass-through dishwashers offer four model options - a model to suit any application. All are designed to fit into a corner or a straight through operation. General features includes light weight hood ensures finger light opening actions for years of reliable operation and precision knife jet design for gentle but effective wash action minimising scrubbing. All machines features low water consumption that minimise the chemical and energy usage.



Rack Conveyors

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