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Roband Heat Lamps

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Maintaining the temperature of your food and lighting if for display once it has been produced is a major part of the catering industry, we have heat lamps and accessories for all purposes including restaurants, fast food outlets, takeaways and cafes.

Heat and illuminate any food preparation area with the Roband mobile Heat and Display Station. Featuring two overhead heat lamps this quality unit will not only help maintain the correct serving temperature, but will greatly enhance the presentation of prepared food. Stainless steel construction, easily replaced globes and easy to operate and install (some assembly required).

These Roband Heat Lamps are effective for overhead heating in food preparation and serving areas. Designed specifically to be wired in pairs and in series. Roband heat lamps maintain prepared food at the correct serving temperature, while enhancing presentation at the same time. Featuring stainless steel construction, long life globes and series wiring further extends globe life and they are easily replaced globes. The cleverly designed cover provides a safeguard against broken globe glass falling into food contained within the food bar in the rare instance of a globe breaking.

Roband Quartz Heat Lamp Assemblies are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed to breathe. For use in either front or back of house, these units come fitted with newly designed quartz halogen globes engineered to give a balance of heat and light. These globes have a unique screw-mounted tail connection that prevents terminal corrosion and hot joints, thus increasing globe longevity. All units are fitted with toughened safety glass covers over each light. They also feature a simple mounting system and come complete with an isolating switch and 10 amp plug and cord.

Roband Infra-Red Heat Lamp Assemblies are manufactured from an exclusive extruded anodized aluminium section, specifically designed to breathe.These units are designed for use at either front or back of house where more heat and no light is required. The heat is provided by a stainless steel element and an energy regulator is used to precisely control the output, emitting a very even heat over the length of the warming area. Features a simple mounting system and comes complete with a 10 amp plug and cord.
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