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WinterHalter PT series

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Med, Lrg & XL

Product details

Standard Equipment & Features
• Touchscreen
• Double Skinned hood
• Elliptical wash fields with special jet geometry
• Variopower wash pressure adjustment
• Full flow filtration: tank cover, filter cylinder, pump inlet filter with safety prompt and mediamat
• Clouding sensor
• Integrated detergent & rinse aid devices
• Drain pump
• Rinse booster pump
• Active energy management
• Eco Program
• Energylight heat recovery (waste water heat recovery)
• Multiphasing
• Time controlled automatic start up/shut down
• Empty indicator for detergent & rinse aid
• Maintenance interval indicator
• PIN protected operator and Technician control
• Detailed error display with error code and text
• Hygiene logbook with data memory
• Patented driven rinse system
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