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Hallde Vegetable Food Prep Machines

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Hallde provide a wide selection of vegetable preparation machines that slice, dice, shred, grate and/or julienne fruit, vegetables, drybread, cheese, nuts, mushrooms, etc, starting at 2kg/min with the RG50 and up to 40kg/min for the RG400. They feature feed heads that can be set open for extra fast and easy two-handed feeding, automatic start/stop-function for fast and safe feeding, feed tube for continuous oriented cutting of cucumber, leek, etc and an angle cut feed head available. The leaning design puts feed head and push feeder handle close at hand for favourable ergonomic position and blades that can be removed for replacement or grinding. All models are one speed except the RG400 which is 2 speed and the smaller capacity machines have a handle at rear for easy moving all machines housing and feed head of metal.
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